behind the brand

how we started

Qilin Hats was created in 2017 by Venezuelans Claudia Lavegas and Andreina Vogeler. Claudia is an architect with a passion for illustration and Andreina a philanthropist dedicated to social work in Venezuela for more than 25 years. From Claudia’s love for art and Andreina’s ambitious spirit, Qilin Hats was born: Panama hats carefully chosen for their weave and quality hand painted exclusively by Claudia.

quality craftmanship

Our hats are hand-woven in Ecuador by local Montecristi artisans, a craft that is considered by UNESCO as a “Intangible cultural heritage of humanity”. They are crafted with a unique fiber called “Toquilla” which quality derives from the salted soils of Lima, carefully selected for its flexibility, color, thickness and dimensions.

100% handcrated with love

we transform a classic simbol into a work of art

How we evolved

from hats to brand

In 2019 Qilin Hats decided to expand and Ana Elena Pérez joined the team with the purpose of translating Claudia’s art into exclusive accessories. Qilin Hats became Qilin Brand with the purpose to innovate and grow as a brand.